Monday, April 22, 2013


EVERY DAY is time to celebrate EARTH DAY!!!

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The World is in our hands.  We have the ability to shape it.

As of 1970, April 22nd is considered Earth Day, an opportunity to appreciate and generate awareness about the natural environment.  Over 1 billion people in 192 countries celebrate mother Earth on this day.  See for more info.  


10 ideas for Celebrating the Earth every day:

  1. Reduce car emissions by walking or bicycling places, or rideshare or carpool when necessary.
  2. Reduce consumption of goods, especially packaged goods (ie grocery items in plastic and plasticized cardboard as well as clothing, cosmetics and household items in extraneous packaging and NO styrofoam ever!).  Reduce your consumption or STOP entirely from drinking sodas and water in plastic bottles and purchasing fast food.  Better for the environment and your health! 
  3. Recycle ALL plastics, aluminum and styrofoam (if you must use it!).
  4. Recycle (or up-cycle) old clothing, furniture and housewares in interesting ways making it seem "new" and fresh.  For example, sew on a lace applique to an old denim jacket and change the buttons.  Paint that ugly dresser and add new or vintage drawer pulls. 
  5. Donate clothing, housewares and garden objects to your local charity or church, or have a yard sale!
  6. Plant a tree or garden and tend to it using non-toxic chemicals, pesticides and fungicides.  Build your own compost.  Use essential oils and companion planting for pest management.
  7. Choose sustainable food options like pesticide-chemical free produce from local farmers.  Grow, prepare and cook your own when possible!
  8. Mend it!  Repair and restore items.  Pick one day a week or month, and do this; it feels really good!   Look for our Mend It Monday DIY classes and online tutorials.  
  9. Choose more holistic ways in which to live.  Reduce your reliability on antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines and instead do the research and talk to your physician about using herbs, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and diet therapy.  Clean your house, your body and your clothing with naturally safe and effective ingredients like vinegar, borax, baking soda, salt, lemon and essential oils.  Use essential oils, borax and salt for natural pest management on pets and other pests.
  10. Practice better breathing.  Exercise, meditate and do yoga for a more fulfilling life.   


---> Recycle ---> Reduce ---> Reuse ---> Restore ---> Reevaluate --->

Spread the word.  Plant a seed.  Pass it on!

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